About us

Starting 1st March 2013, Cambodian Rakugan is an organization located in Cambodia which is a part of support vision of the NPO “ JCIA(Japan-Cambodia Interactive Association)” and back their activity up with giving chances to get employed and educated in our work place to their supporting children.
JCIA is a training center helps people with disability and very poor people, it has worked with Ministry of social Affairs, Veterans Youth Rehabilitation since 1995.

The factory of us is located inside the site of JCIA, Cambodian Rakugan is trying to let our staffs to get knowledge and abilities through our work and support them to improve themselves to be strong enough as they could survice their own life. At the same time, we have chances to communicate with farmers and also support them to have opportunity of business.

Some Cambodian young people are used to getting direct support from foreign countries, of course in some part, offering monetary and material support is still needed, but we take another role encouraging them to have active attitude towards work and to think, decide and take action by themselves.

We have a dream that some of our staffs will plan and create new products, and that would be accepted and admired by the world some day.


Cambodian Rakugan

Cambodian Rakugan is our original confection made from Cambodian organic palm sugar. We have arranged the making process of Japanese traditional sweets. “Rakugan”and created unique souvenir. The symbol is “Apsara”-a female spirit in Hindu and Buddhist mythology. It would be one of the best gift of a fantastic trip in Cambodia. Please enjoy natural and authentic sweets taste at your tea time.

Organic Palm Sugar

Palm nectar is widely familiar to Cambodian people from ancient times. We have refined that and produced the high quality organic palm sugar. Japanese supervisor is managing all the process of making our sugar. Especially from the viewpoint of the hygiene management.Compare to normal sugar. Palm sugar has more various nutrients and raises blood sugar level slower.

How to enjoy Cambodian Rakugan

As a confection at tea time

Cambodian Rakugan is a confection of organic palm sugar. It would be one of the best partners of tea and coffee when you have a tea time with your family or friends. Please enjoy sweet and graceful time with Cambodian Rakugan. If you freeze Cambodian Rakugan, you could enjoy a different taste.

As a special seasoning

When you cook Cambodian Rakugan is a good supporter for you. Sweetness and mellow taste of palm sugar and coconut flavor would make your dishes rich luxury. We also are trying to put Cambodian Rakugan into recipes of dishes. Please try Cambodian Rakugan with your favorite cuisine.

As sugar for coffee and tea

You also could enjoy Cambodian Rakugan putting it into coffee and tea. One of our best way to use it as sugar is dissolving it in twice stronger coffee than regular one and then pour it through a lot of ice into a glass. It is a way to make milky, sweet and cold Asian coffee. Pease try it.


No.B, St. 2011, Phum Thlok, Sangkat Kokroka, Khan Prek Phnov, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.